3 comments on “Wales, Please don’t play with apartheid.

  1. I know this may seem a dumb question, but I’ve been asked and don’t know the answer….

    Why Wales? Or maybe more to the point, why not Scotland, England, France or any other European footballing nation?

    Think I’ve maybe missed something…. Thanks, Fiona.

    • Hi Fiona, sorry for the delay getting back to you. The reason for our focus on Wales is the same as our focus on Belgium. They are both in the same “European competition” UEFA competition as Israel. That happened because the Israeli Football Association was EXPELLED from the Asian Football Confederation in 1974 for reasons of racism. UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations) which is very heavily influenced by Zionism admitted Israel into the European competition in 1994, even though that country remained EXPELLED for racism from their own continental football confederation.
      When South Africa was an apartheid state many of us campaigners against apartheid called on other nations NOT TO PLAY with Apartheid. Wales were drawn by UEFA in the same qualifying group as apartheid Israel, as was Belgium, and so we campaigned for the whole Wales football family NOT to play with apartheid. If you are on facebook you will find us at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Football-Against-Apartheid/1378557452366799

    • So sorry to be so late with this response Fiona. But the answer is that Wales was the only team in these Islands who were scheduled to play apartheid. Wales however went ahead and played Apartheid Israel & beat them in Israel and are scheduled to play them again in September. We of course that the Wales will top the table, then Belgium and 3rd place for Bosnia. The last time Wales qualified for a major tournament final was in 1958 when all the Asian teams refused to play with apartheid Israel and would have gone through to the finals without playing a single game had Wales not played them and beat them to go through.

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