Al Quds day, London 2015:

Football Against Apartheid demonstrate support for Al Quds (Jerusalem) day.    Al Quds day originally represent the oppressed people of Jerusalem against their oppressor,  but Al Quds day has grown to represent the oppressed people everywhere against our common oppressor.      Speakers pointed out how oppressed people in every country in the world are able to trace their oppression directly or indirectly to the USA.    The Al Quds demonstrations  call on the USA to end its practice of supporting oppressive and racist regimes,  supporting terrorist groups to foment hatred and division, usually race or religious division, as a prelude to fomenting civil wars,  and the destruction of the infrastructure of nations and peoples that refuse to do its bidding, as in Vietnam, Lebanon,  Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq,  Libya, Syria, Ukraine, now Yemen.   Speakers referred to the USA objective of dominating “the new world order” either directly at government level or through its massive corporations as Imperialism.




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