Petitions – Please Sign!

Football Associations with a vital vote at the FIFA congress that you can influence by signing the petitions below (Please sign all) calling for the peaceful expulsion of Apartheid Israel from world football

Remember – human rights are a global issue, so we have every right to petition the football association’s of every nation in the world to ask them to support the human rights of Palestinians! The more pressure we put on these football associations, the better. If you know of any people in the countries mentioned below, please forward these petitions onto them and ask them to distribute to their networks too!

Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland:
New Zealand:
Solomon Islands:
Cook Islands;
Papua New Guinea Football Association;
Football Federation American Samoa (FFAS):
Fiji Football Association:
Cape Verde Islands;
Australia :


47 comments on “Petitions – Please Sign!

  1. Apartheid Israel should be excluded from all sports events as Apartheid South Africa was until Palestinians are free from Israeli occupation and their land is returned to them. By including Israel in FIFA tornaments, FIFA turns an active blind eye to the daily abuses of human rights that the Israel state inflicts on Palestinian civilians in order to maintain its brutal occupation of Palestinian land. End this legitamising of Israel’s occupation and boycott it from international sports events

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    • Thanks Gerd Von der Lippe for your message. Sorry for the delay with response. We are busy trying to build such world wide movement you suggest. We have groups in 5 European countries since we started on 01 September 2014 (8 Months ago). We are hoping to have several national football associations sign a motion calling for the EXPULSION of apartheid Israel in 2017 or more likely 2018 at the FIFA Congress in Moscow.

      Would you like us to put you on our mailing list? Please reply to our email address which is: as it is monitored more closely. Also could you advise if you support / follow any football club in particular. I ask because we team up with fans from our opposing teams to jointly campaign against apartheid: like this recent one in London;

  3. the answers when I try to sign:

    Uh oh.
    The server is misbehaving.

    You can try refreshing the page, and if you’re still having problems, just try again later. We’re doing our best to get things working smoothly!

  4. Israel is an apartheid state that must be banner from fifa . It has no sens at all to let it participate

  5. Israel continually flouts international humanitarian law and thumbs its nose at all reasonable requests to mediate its actions which include illegal theft of land through settlement development and the killing of some 500+ children in Gaza last sunmer, including footballers and those whom support football. To pretend that it is a normal functioning Democratic state, one that abides by international norms, Israel needs the semblance of legitimacy such as that which FIFA membership currently bestows. It is well past time we kicked Israel out of FIFA until such time as it demonstrates it is prepared to listen to the pleas of the international community. Given that it has just elected the most extreme right wing government in its history, this seems highly unlikely, thus the onus is on FIFA to take leadership and made a stand, on behalf of football fans around the world, many of whom are children. Hold Israel to account and show the true values that the works of football espouses.

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  7. Il faut isoler israël de toutes événements culturels tant que ce pays aura ce pays persiste dans l apartheid dont il fait souffrir le peuple palestinien !

    • Thank you Maria. I have translated your comment on the internet: and print the English translation below:

      “Israel must be isolated from all cultural events as this country because that country persists in apartheid that hurts the Palestinian people”
      Please reply to our email address which is: as it is monitored more closely. Also could you advise if you support / follow any football club in particular. I ask because we team up with fans from our opposing teams to jointly campaign against apartheid: like this recent one in London;


  8. I would like Israel not to be allowed to participate because of what they ate doing in Palestine.expell Israel.

  9. Israel is an apartheid state…ban it….They are committing genocide and all of the world heads of state know this and are ignoring it. We must put more pressure on Israel and Netanyahu if Palestine is to be free and it’s people safe. What sort of country kills and tortures small children. We cannot let this go on…IT HAS TO STOP SOMEWHERE. We are all human watching humans die…

  10. Israel is an apartheid state with blood of innocent People on their hands! They are the worst terrorist country the world would have ever seen. They steal and rob Palestinians of their homeland and homes, kill their innocent children and people just to satisfy their greed! We can’t allow a Terrorist Country like Israel to be involved in football or any other sports ever! They should be permanently BANNED!

  11. Do not turn a blind eye to Israel’s war crimes & human rights violations. Take a stand for humanity & expell them from international football.

  12. John

    Is it too late to sign these now? Don’t want to pass it on to people if the petitions have already been submitted… (BTW Brilliant idea putting them all on one page like this.)


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