The Kop Against Apartheid





3 comments on “The Kop Against Apartheid

  1. Is there any pro-Palestinian demo planned outside the Southampton game this weekend? A few of us could lend a hand

    • Thanks Jeremy. Sorry for the very late reply. Southampton are doing well again and playing really good football too. We can make a banner for Saints Fans Against Apartheid and then join up with fans from a visiting club to demonstrate unity against Apartheid and calling for apartheid Israel to be expelled from FIFA as apartheid South Africa was expelled in 1976, which heralded the beginning of the end of apartheid in that country. If you have a design for a nice banner send it to us. We will make the banner and print some leaflets to get “Saints Fans Against Apartheid” up and running. Saints come to play London teams 6 / 7 times a year, and they go to Southampton so we could do quite a few joint demos.

  2. A great initiative. How can I try to get this happening at my and other clubs? I’m keen to meet/chat with people to try and progress this.

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